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Green Technology Company

Our goal is to provide clients high-quality visual analytics. No matter the discipline or type of energy we pride ourselves on providing professional results. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.

In IQGTECH our licensed professionals specializing in residentials, commercial and industrial projects. IQGTECH legacy has been trusted by many happy customers around California and nationwide making IQGTECH California's most recommended solar company by consumers. These honors were achieved through a steadfast commitment to top-quality products, exceptional service, and reliable support.

With our limited lifetime guaranty and decades of experience, IQGTECH will help you save money and bring you a new, hassle-free way to go solar.

10 Years

Experience Working

Renewable Energy & Efficiency

Those savings are attributable to the efficiency of clean energy over combustion systems, as well as the efficiency of electrified industry. There would no longer be a need to explore for oil, coal, and gas, drill wells or dig new mines, transport oil to refineries, build and maintain pipelines, or truck petroleum products to end users, according to My Modern Met.


We always ready for
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Successful projects

Our expert team install more than 1000  projects with in the state.


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We have more than 2000 happy customers we work with.